CYP Alumni

(Singing Department)

Archeline is 17 years old and attends Fairchild Wheeler Inter-District Magnet High School. She has been a participant in CYP for four years and now is a youth leader. She has sung in many productions. Her first lead role was in the production From Shades to Hollywood Lights as the celebrity Alicia Keys. Since then she has played a lead in Chasing Freedom as Ella Fitzgerald. Over two years she has won three Oscars for this role. This program has allowed her to excel and improve her singing abilities. She has flourished in this creative space and would like to continue to pursue her dreams. She says, “This program has allowed me to not only grow in a leadership role but expand in other areas aside from singing. I’ve gotten the chance to work on my acting and dancing and have been encouraged to pursue other creative paths.”


(Dance Department)

Chamaira is 18 years old, a graduate from Bassick High School. She will be attending Housatonic Community College in the fall of 2016. Chamaira joined Creative Youth Productions when she was 13 years old and instantly fell in love with it. She has written many songs such as “You Will Sing”, from the production, RainyBlu and the 7 Bopping Dwarfs and Christmas Song for CYP’s Holiday Show. She appreciates the fact that she has become more successful, not only in dancing but in other areas like acting and singing. “CYP is like a second family to me.” She has gained more confidence, and learned a great amount about responsibility. Everyone surrounding Chamaira has noticed the significant changes she’s made in her attitude and her work. “I will still continue to be at CYP because it is my life and passion to be involved and included into the arts which is something that I will always love. I hope it continues forever involved and included into the arts which is something that I will always love. I hope it continues forever.

(Dance Department)

Chanel is 17 years old and attends Fairchild Wheeler Inter-district Magnet High School. She started CYP at the age of 14 and instantly liked it. She is proud of how far she has come as a dancer through the program. CYP Staff and Youth Leaders have become more than “affiliated people”, they are more family for her. She says, “They helped me grow into the dancer I am and expand into acting as well. When I got paid, I gained more responsibility for myself and others. I will be in this program until I can’t anymore. CYP is apart of my lifestyle forever and always. I LOVE CYP!!!”

(Acting Department, Jr Youth Leader)

Corey is 12 years old and goes to Cesar A. Batalla. He has been in CYP for 3 years. He is now a Jr. youth leader in the acting department. He has been in 6 shows such as Chasing Freedom, Annie, The Remix, and more, playing small character roles. CYP has given him a chance to improve more on stage and out side of CYP. Before CYP he said,” I never had anything to do after school, my friend introduced me to CYP. It’s my first time getting paid and now I can help my family. I am going to stay in CYP for a while and my goal is to play lead roles in other show. I have a blast at CYP. It has been helping me with stress and now that I have this job I

(Acting Department)

Dana is 18 years old and last year her family moved to Georgia but she protested that she needed to stay so that she could attend CYP. She came back with motivation. Landed roles in the production of RainyBlu as Azwalah and Annie, The Remix as Madeline. One of her future goals is to become a successful actress, ‘’Starring on the big screens’’ she says.


(Dance/Singing/Writer Departments)

Dyshona is 17 years old and attends Central Magnet High School. She has been at CYP for 3 years. She started when she was 14 and still in middle school. CYP helped her discover her music abilities, acting , and dancing. She has written many songs for past plays like, Under the Gun, CYP’s Oscar Night, From Shades to Hollywood Lights, and many more. She says, “I’m proud of how far this program has come along and glad I could be part of it. I’m also proud of how we (youth leaders) became one with each other. We are a family. I have learned how not to be shy, to open up and let people see the real me. I played a lead part this past summer called, RainyBlu and the 7 Boppin Dwarfs. I rapped on stage. I became more silly, outgoing, and fun. CYP gives me the chance to work with kids that want to be something and not be in the streets. It’s a honor to teach the kids how to become something and not waste their talent. And believe me each and every kid that comes to us has amazing talent.” She stole the show last year in” Chasing Fredom, playing the flirtatious character opposite Frederick Douglass when he makes his final and successful escape to freedom.

(Acting/Writing Departments)

Leslie is 16 years old and attends Central Magnet High School. She has been apart of CYP for 7 years and has played many roles. The most important role is “Victoria” in the play, Under the Gun. This show toured many schools and events. I’ve also been in This Is Me and From Shades to Hollywood Lights. The role of Victoria though was her greatest achievement because she claims it broke her out of her usual roles into something more complex and dramatic. She says, ‘Victoria’s character in Under the Gun was something I had to work hard for. Striving for the character to be realistic was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am proud of sending a message with this show. I hope that everyone that saw it will think long and hard before using a gun! The feeling of fulfillment after finishing a show and seeing the reaction of the audience was the proudest thing I could ever do.” She won best actress at the CYP Oscars. Leslie claims that she was bullied and says, “CYP has allowed me to get over past bullying experiences that I had when I first attended. My timid ways were soon gone with the more roles I was able to play. Getting paid was something that established more responsibility and maturity inside and outside of CYP. Leslie has become the slap/fighting expert.

(Singing Department)

Sophonie is 15 years old and attends Bridgeport Military Academy. She has been with CYP for four years and is now a youth leader of the singing department. She has sung in small roles in past plays such as From Shades to Hollywood Lights and Chasing Freedom, before having her first solo singing the song, “I Lived By One Republic.” She recently had her first lead role as Miss Hannigan in the show Annie, The Remix making an excellent performance. This program has given her chance to dabble in both singing and acting and she says,“Before CYP I never had much confidence or an after school activity but ever since I joined, this program has helped me enhance my singing abilities beyond my expectations as well as a chance to experience being an actor on stage. Sophonie says, “It has been the most fun I’ve ever had and I now know how much fun acting and singing is and I hope to be apart of other plays in the future doing both.”

Former Staff

(Artistic Director)

Tenisi is a dancer, writer, performer, and teacher in the performing arts. He has been Artistic Director of CYP for three years. He taught for five years at the Neighborhood Studio of Fairfield County and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Camp. He attends Housatonic Community College where he has produced many productions to standing ovations. He teaches African, hip-hop, lyrical and choreography, African percussion, theater, and creative writing. He has worked professionally on music videos, theater and film. He has won and received at the White House, The Coming Up Taller Award from Debbie Allen and First Lady Laura Bush. He attended the Performing Arts Center of Connecticut on a full scholarship. Tenisi worked with Donna Sue DeGuzman for several years where he choreographed several dances for her students that landed on YouTube with over 3,000 hits.

(Project Coordinator)

Sheila joined CYP as Administrative Assistant in 2013 after graduation from Fairfield University. Within a year she became Project Coordinator bringing together every aspect of administrative needs, communication and coordination of all classroom, rehearsals, events, and productions. Sheila quickly and easily collected and communicated data from 150 children as well as most of their parents. Most recently she has become secretary of CYP Board of Directors keeping all accounting records for the company and administrative needs of the CYP board as well.


Tysonlee is 18 years old and a graduate of Bassick High School, he attended Housatonic Community College starting in the Fall of 2016. Tyson joined CYP in the spring of 2013 with a goal to take on a leadership role. Now that he has become a staff member he’s very excited to find out what the future holds. He’s worked on many sketches and songs for Creative Youth Productions. Tyson has landed lead roles in productions such as Grandma Got’s GrabbedUnder the GunThe Tom Madison ShowFrom Shades to Hollywood LightsRainyblu and the Seven Bopping Dwarfs, and most recently the lead in the original production Annie, The Remix. Tyson has been working on teaching and inspiring other students at CYP. “There was a time in my life where I didn’t show any emotions at all. I talk a lot now and I don’t fight anymore. CYP is an awesome program and I’m thankful for everything CYP has done for my life. CYP is my family.”

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