Benjamin Saldana


                                                                             A seasoned performer and writer whose passion for the arts                                                               brought him to CYP over 10 years ago. Most recognized for his comedic talent and unmatched
                                     writing ability. Ben has completely developed since his very first year, being initially tasked as a youth                                       leader, followed by his transition into a Staff Member, and most recently becoming an active board
         member for Creative Youth Productions. Ben has used his performing arts background to take the Nation
by storm as he has traveled the United States to advocate for the rights of Youth in all states. He has
       been privileged with the ability to visit Washington, DC on several occasions to advocate for Equity in the
Education and programming Youth receive. Ben has additionally advocated for Youth Homelessness,
 Juvenile Justice, and Gun Violence Reform. He has been invited to speak at conferences and national
events, working with some of the most sanctioned Organizations such as “The National Network for
                                      Youth, Generation Progress, The Coalition for Juvenile Justice, and The Office for Juvenile Justice and                                     Delinquency Prevention.” “Without CYP uplifting and empowering me to take on every wild dream I
                                      could imagine, I don’t believe i’d be in the strength based position I am in today. This program has                                positively altered my life and more of our Youth need this kind of support in their lives!”

Music dept 


                                                                                                              Matthew DeTroy 

 Matthew DeTroy is a gifted Piano Teacher, Educator, Performer and Composer
 gracing the Youth of Fairfield County with his extraordinary ability to transform youth through the power
of music for over 10 years. He works for a non-profit organization called “KEYS,” teaching piano to
students in the Bridgeport Public School System, as he was taught as a teenager. He also performs
alongside several groups, with genres ranging from Jazz to Gospel. Matthew joined CYP in 2017,
providing live music, as well as composing original music and arrangements for CYP’s most recognized

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